Correspondent's Message


Best Wishes and Greetings from Shree Sankalpa School!


“When Learning is Purposeful, Creativity Blossoms.

When Creativity Blossoms, Thinking Emanates.

When Thinking Emanates, Knowledge is Fully Lit.

When Knowledge is Lit, Economy Flourishes.”


My joy knows no bounds when my mind visualizes the stunning future of Shree Sankalpa School's sparkling global stars. Being an entrepreneur in the industry for the past two and a half decades, I had been experiencing moments of joy, hurdles, challenges, risks and a sense of satisfaction. But, Shree Sankalpa School is being established with a notion of providing the best future to our school kids with an excellent communication skill, self-discipline, life skills and adequate professional skills to embrace their future gladly. The aim of our school is to make each child have his individuality to think and decide on his own, courageous, courteous, communicative and humane. In a nutshell, we would like to create an atmosphere where the child can think, act freely and paves the right way for his future.


Best Wishes to all our parents & students.


Warm Regards,


Smt. M. Hemalatha