Extra-Curricular Activities



Semi Classical Dance


Folk and other semi classical forms of dance will be taught



Western Dance


Dance helps increased muscular strength, endurance, motor fitness, increased aerobic fitness and weight management.


Instrumental Music


Music is the key to creativity. Various options - guitar, violin, piano, etc. will be taught.


Vocal Music

Western and Carnatic Music training will be provided. Students will take up western music examination conducted by Trinity College, London.



Karate for children emphasizes respect for others, in particular parents and other adults. When parents realize this, their relationships with their children remain balanced and calm as they grow and enter into traditionally rebellious years.

Sports & Games


Sports & Games will be conducted at Inter-School, Intra-school, Zonal, District, State and National & International level – Football, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket & Athletics.


Yoga & Meditation


Yoga and meditation are wonderful means of keeping children away from stress. They help in increasing discipline, peace, calmness, happiness, motor skills, co-ordination, balance, strength.

Ecstatic World of Toddlers


Kindergarten kids are involved in indoor & outdoor games.