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Safety & Health

The school has a health centre to keep the parents re-assured about their child's health. First aid and medication for minor injuries and sickness are made available. An experienced person is available to take care of the child at the time of sickness. Health and hygiene campus are organized to educate students on issues about their health and well-being.


School has its own buses to transport the children safely to their destination. Children’s safety is the prime importance to us. Hence, school transportation is provided to the needed children with a trained lady escort in each bus. GPS tracking information of the bus location is available to parents via SMS to make sure that children's transportation is controlled and secure. 


Students who require transportation, please fill in the Transportation application form and send it to us. Click here for the PDF Transporation Application Form.


Our library has a great collection of subject reference books, literary works, story books, fiction, Kids’ magazines, etc to enhance the reading skill of the students. There is a qualified and experienced librarian to maintain the library and guide the children in their library work.


Shree Sankalpa School (CBSE) has an enormous play ground which is very much beneficial to train the students in various sports and games by providing all the required sports equipments.