Principal's Message


Welcome to Shree Sankalpa School (CBSE)!


Shree Sankalpa is a school of distinct notion and has a great aspiration to create a meaningful future to blooming buds. Our School is committed to quality teaching and learning programmes and is focused on continuous improvement in policies and procedures which empower the students.


I am honoured to be the Principal of Shree Sankalpa and I am particularly thankful to be supported by a strong management, dedicated teachers and our beloved parents. I am excited about the opportunities for learning and growth that await here. I am confident as always that our greatest strength lies in our commitment to crafting together a shared vision of providing the best education to the community.


As a school, we are first and foremost dedicated to the process of learning. This happens in the classroom when we pair dedicated teachers with motivated students and place high expectations on the results. And the great thing is that we expect learning to happen in so many ways outside the classroom as well. Learning happens when we learn directly from different sources, not from a text book but from our friends and Mother Nature. It happens on a field trip when we are exposed to the real world, to authentic experiences, to exciting new places and new people. It happens on the sports field, in an extra-curricular club, on a social experience outing in the community or at a camp. Learning grows out of our success and failure. It happens when we study, work, talk, play, pray, share, reflect, argue and when we make up. Learning is a continuous process that fills the learner with well-being, confidence and a desire to learn always.


Thank you for visiting us. Our commitment is to transform each child into a unique human being with values, vivacity & individuality to attain his/her desired dream. Our doors are opening to you. And with you, we will seek to inspire, guide and learn with your children.


Please join us!